The Introduction To All This

Hey readers, thank you for interest and support on my "live novel" start your experience here. This is an explanation of this undertaking as well as a little background information.


Thank You

I want to thank those of you who took the time to follow along with this. It was difficult writing some of this, especially because I had intended it to be a lot more fictional than it turned out to be. I hope that this entire work has been able to help someone out there … Continue reading Thank You

Chapter 11 B – “Power” / “The End is Here”

"In 1254, Möngke Khan, a grandson of Ghenhis, hosted a religious debate between Christian, Muslim and Buddhist theologians. The debate ended with the Buddhist sitting silently as the Christian and Muslim theologians sang loudly at each other. Then they all got drunk." [1] The crops have already begun to take on their autumnal oranges, rustic … Continue reading Chapter 11 B – “Power” / “The End is Here”

  Chapter 11(a)- ” The end is neigh,”

In a moment as quiet as the first rays of the sun piercing through the thick, protective blanket of night, a thread of thought is unraveling. It's been unraveling for 28 years. It was once filled with wonder..maybe it was once an actual thread, a small piece off a blanket sown with love by a … Continue reading   Chapter 11(a)- ” The end is neigh,”

The End

The last Chapter is being published this week-20th September. Expect major editing updates to take place. Especially to the early chapters, one through around five. Thanks to the those fellow kindred spirits that made me stick with my instincts Several grammatical and punctuation errors are riddled through the work. This is mostly due to formatting … Continue reading The End

Dear Dad

Dear Dad, I don't think that I've ever sat down to write you a letter. I wish I had. I would've told you that you were right when you told me technology isn't everything back when I was so eager to be on my phone at the dinner table. Today, all those phones are either … Continue reading Dear Dad

I remember that day,

Hyperion, This is your high self, the one you spent all day trying to get to. It's not worth it. You don't owe these people anything, but you do owe yourself, your Mother. Look in the mirror. Do you want to be a burden to her for the rest of your life?  Grow up. Accept … Continue reading I remember that day,


I always wondered how it felt to have icy blue eyes, or emerald green. I wondered, as a child if I would feel different. Like I was a Norse Frost Giant, but those were just childish musings. But that thought stuck with me, what do beautiful eyes see?

The Bones of Me

In this Short Story Tie in, I was joined by an ex of mine who was interested in collaborating on a piece of writing for the novel, we both took turns writing about one another trying to enter the headspace and writing style of the other. Then we swapped and rewrote it in our own voice, I am impressed at this. And should he want to let me publish his, I'd love that :cough: do it :cough:

Chapter 10 – ” A Brave, New World.”

Chapter ten is about change and moving from a place of uncertainty to having more of a well defined set of core values that we use as a guideline to where we want to go, it's lighter in tone and wittier than the darker tones of previous chapters.


One of my favorite poems is The Howl part two by Alan Ginsberg, it's so abstract and incoherent, but somehow we know what he's implying. That was my inspiration behind this rant. It's a very exhausting piece of work on purpose. I wrote it to exude a cramped feel with lots of run on's to give the reader anxiety and a sense of claustrophobia. Over all I wanted an uncomfortable feeling, and to evoke anxiety and desperation.